For the past twenty years this Committee of citizens, coordinated by a functionary of the Region of Umbria, Carlo Masciarri, has fought in vain against Belladanza. It appears that the CAB’s success was limited because it remained confined to the Valley of the Alto Tevere and was crushed by local political alliances and by the reverential fear with which the Valley citizens regard the local political power. In spite of this, the Committee has carried on fundamental and unrelenting battles, resulting in some significant victories which have served to limit the damage caused by the landfill. The Committee members themselves, however, now acknowledge that they are beginning to lose heart. It is impossible to stop the landfill by acting within the confines of the Valley. The political and economic interests at stake are too large. For this reason, in September of 2007 a New Committee for Belladanza was formed.
This new Committee believes in the struggle that Carlo Masciarri and his fellow citizens have carried out over the years. It believes, moreover, that the battle against the landfill must be amplified to include the following three fundamental points:

a) the landfill will be stopped if there is widespread and solid support OUTSIDE the Tiber River Valley – worldwide support, if possible, given that the horrors of Belladanza will affect also the Capital of Italy;

b) the landfill will be stopped by a court battle, because it is ILLEGAL, ILLEGITIMATE and, in some of its manifestations, downright CRIMINAL. The case must be pursued to the furthest limits of the law in order to stop these forces that are making a mockery of the law and endangering human life;

c) the landfill will be stopped if NO POLITICAL polemicizing is permitted. Human lives and nature in a river basin that is home to more than five million people cannot be the object of a compromise among small potentates of one remote town of the Alto Tevere. The promise of money and special treatment for those who live near the landfill are an underhand attempt of relieving the inhabitants of responsibilities. The poison goes into the air, which everyone breathes, and into the Tiber, which flows into Rome. The New Committee has no political allegiances in Citta di Castello, nor in the Region of Umbria, but is looking to the European Union, which alone has the right, the strength and the independence necessary to get this horror under control before it begins to reap its victims.