These pages are dedicated to the possible ecological disaster of Belladanza, a landfill located in the town of Citta di Castello, in the Province of Perugia, Umbria (Italy). Citta di Castello is one of the principal towns in the territory of the Upper Tiber River Valley, or Alto Tevere – that land of stupendous flowering valleys and medieval fortresses through which the Tiber River flows from its source in the Apennines to the Province of Terni, where it widens before reaching Lazio and Rome. There is a proposal to vastly enlarge Belladanza to serve the entire Province of Perugia, a proposal which up until now has been kept a secret by the local administrators and which is a terrible threat for all the inhabitants who live along the Tiber River. In order to accomplish their purpose, the administrators are prepared to destroy a forest, to excavate the side of a clay mountain, to drive potentially hundreds of inhabitants from their homes, to ignore even the most elementary standards of safety for their employees and to pollute water that flows directly into the Tiber. These pages are a contribution to cast light on the proceedings, to inform the citizens, to persuade the institutions to intervene, before we are facing a new irreparable environmental disaster.