The International Conference of November 28, 2007

To stop the landfill, an understanding of what is going on behind the scenes is essential. At the meetings held by various groups from the villages to the south of Citta di Castello, almost everyone has lamented the fact that the majority of discussions about Belladanza are based on data provided by Sogepu that is both unverified and unverifiable. Not even the ATO (Ambiente Territoriale Ottimale), which, according to the law, is the body that represents a guarantee for the citizens, is privy to the data of Sogepu, nor has it ever bothered to procure the information from independent sources. As things stand today, the only control over Sogepu is in the hands of Sogepu itself, a situation which flies in the face of all of the laws and defies common sense. It makes it impossible for the citizens to have the transparency and the guarantees that they have rightfully demanded. The citizens have the right and feel the duty to be informed.

For this reason the NCB, together with the Pandora Association, has organized a conference for Wednesday, November 28, 2007, at 9:00 p.m. It will be an International Conference and will be called:
“Belladanza – inform yourself to decide right”.
The purpose of the Conference is to explain to everyone, through the use of expert and completely independent sources, the background of the political, economic and technical battles over Belladanza and the dangers that the landfill poses for the health, the economy, the environment and ultimately the survival of those who live in the surrounding area.

The Dangers to Health

Belladanza, as it exists today, is seriously harmful to the health of all the inhabitants who live along the Tiber River, from Mount Fumaiolo to Fiumicino. There will be discussion of polluted water, dead birds and independent controls that have never been carried out.

The Dangers for the Environment

Even today the landfill created irreparable damage to the ecosystem of the AltoTevere. Why this type of landfill is no longer in used in any civilized country? The conference will cast light on how the expansion of the landfill would be a probable violation of THE LAWS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION!

The Dangers for the Economy

The landfill is an economic swindle for which the citizens will suffer: it will destroy real estate values, it will increase the cost of money and will put the local banks in crisis, it will cause an increase in taxes and health care costs and it will increase the danger that some local administrator(s), totally unsupervised, will pocket money illegally, stealing from their fellow citizens.

The Dangers for Civil Society

The way in which the Regional Council, under the guidance of Maria Rita Lorenzetti and Green Party member Lamberto Bottini, is handling the trash disposal problem is wrong. Therefore an intervention of the civil society is needed to stop them. The way itself in whom arrived regional and the communal administrations are trying to impose the project is the most dangerous:
instead of working out a survivable and individualized project they are trying to set the citizens against each other, making promises that cannot be fulfilled without violating the law for the umpteenth time. If the landfill of Belladanza is allowed to continue, not only will it be a defeat for the environment, for health, for the law and for the economy, it will also be a disaster for social cohesion.

Danger of Death for Those Who Live Near Belladanza

If the landfill were to be expanded, everyone who lives in its vicinity would be in daily danger. If there should be a torrential rainfall, anything could happen - even the collapse of the mountain. The last time there was such a rain, seven years ago, trees came down, dozens of animals died and the valley was awash with garbage. After the expansion of the landfill, it may be the houses that will be swept away, together with their inhabitants - and the roads, together with whoever is on them. Belladanza could make Citta di Castello world famous as the city of the worst ecological cataclysm caused by rubbish disposal.