Ricorso al Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale (TAR) Umbria Against the Decision of the Giunta Communale n. 214 of July 23, 2007

For the New Committee of Belladanza time is of the essence. The meeting at Cornetto made it clear that it will not be possible to convince the City Council to listen to the concerns of the citizens. The deadline for presenting an appeal (ricorso) for reversal of the decision of July 23, 2007, which opened the way for the doubling of Belladanza, expired on November 13, 2007. This deadline was met by the NCB and their lawyers, Claudio Serangeli of the Foro di Roma and Sara Fusi of the Foro di Latina, to ask for the annulment of the decision that opened up the way for the doubling of Belladanza. The bases of the ricorso include the objections voiced by the citizens who had filled the meeting hall of Cornetto: The decision is illegal because:

a) it does not take into account all the consultation procedures that the law requires;

b) it does not take into account the laws that regulate those who have the task and the obligation of establishing the policies regarding rubbish disposal within a certain area;

c) it breaks the laws requiring that public contracts be put out for bid;

d) it breaks the laws which require separation of power between the private and public sectors and transparency in the administration of public business. The Committee is awaiting a response from the TAR by the end of 2007 to set a date for a hearing.

The ricorso was presented to the TAR (Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale). The Committee is waiting for a reply with regard to the setting of a hearing date for the discussion of the ricorso.