The Meetings Held by Ing. Spazzoli to Reassure the Inhabitants

In the winter of 2006, some concerned residents from the area south of Citta di Castello attended a meeting in Santa Lucia which was organized by Sogepu. The topic of the meeting was the proposal to transport untreated trash from the region of the Alto Tevere to Perugia and to bring it back, once treated, for disposal at Belladanza. Included in the return trip, however, would also be trash from Perugia for final disposal at Belladanza. As a result of this “trash tourism,” Belladanza would be accepting not only refuse from its own territory, but also from outside the area. The greatly increased volume of rubbish, as well as the resulting increase in garbage truck traffic on the roads leading to Belladanza, were of serious concern to residents living near the landfill.
Another cause for concern was the announcement of the construction of a trash transfer station on the site of the old landfill of Belladanza. The site is elevated enough to make the building highly visible and therefore totally inappropriate for its location in the rural valley.
In another meeting, held at the L’Agriturismo La Pantera, Ing. Spazzoli promised that after being processed in Perugia, the trash would cease to smell and that the quantity of refuse thrown into Belladanza would be reduced. Later, also in the winter of 2006, in a meeting at Citta di Castello, the Town Council demonstrated that it had no regard whatsoever for the citizens’ concerns about the proposed plan for the landfill. The number of trucks in transit has since increased immeasurably, and the smell has become intolerable. The transfer station, which the citizens contemptuously call “The Cube,” is an abominable yellow stain on the otherwise idyllic countryside of Ponte d’Avorio